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Management always aimed to achieve organizational objectives and bottom-line and make the necessary alignment with the dynamics in the market. Budgets and Standard Operational Procedures (SOPs) are set to reinforce the common grounds for the workforces and streamline different activities to focus on gradual accomplishment. Securing the market-share and keeping the niche-market necessitate and demand a leverage to attain stable growth capability and bear up turbulences to win the competition.

Turnaround, change, transformation, restructuring or any other term used to describe the phenomena anticipating threats or supporting the struggle to survive business declining, is subject to 70% failure according to change craftsmen and gurus. The reason is that organizations often do not take the holistic approach required to see the change through. The 360 change plan is as important as change itself. Needless to say that Return On Investment (ROI), in change projects, has direct proportion to the size of investment.

Change life cycle mustn’t end by project sign-off rather instil the learning organization management and leadership for innovation and creativity for the value that it brings to the organization in the on-going strategic alignment to cope with the everlasting change in the market structure and competition.

Having said that, we claim the commitment to succeed together and team with our clients to see high returns from our business engagement. We invest in research and learning heavily as part of philosophy and commitment of having our name tied with reputable academies and research centers and part of our commitment to provide our clients the most modern and new examined and governed best practices and business models.

Khalid AlHarithi


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