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Consulting and Strategy Engagement: We stand side by side with our clients to envision and inspire new ventures, restructuring and/or re-engineering initiatives. We engage in finance, business model crafting and PMO planning & setup.

Strategic Analysis and Industrial Studies: We conduct marketing studies, strategic analysis and industrial consultations to develop the choice model based on world-class standards and best proven practices.

Interim Management: We manage the progress process of a start-up business, new venture and troubled businesses at times of difficulties with determination and courage.

Organization Structure Development: We develop the organization structure based on business size and work flow parameters. We work closely with managers to influence productivity of preset deliverables and controls. We also identify areas of improvement and key result areas to the operational enhancement for bottom-line levelling.
Brand Marketing

Positioning: is the key word here. The Brand Marketing exercise plays major role in positioning your name and branded you to be well recognized by your niche-market and customers. br>
Brand Management System: it takes more than Corporate Identity to acquire your unique “Tone Of Voice” (TOV) among competitors. Brand System delivers your quality message and manages the expectations and promises to your customers. It is the guidance that aspire the internal audience and the charisma that draws the demand from the external audience, with highly scrutinized controls and quality to maintain the value. We work on an identity representing your passion, showing your best core values and character. We work with you to voice your brand to appeal to the spectrum of your customers and increase your market share and acquisition. We build your CRM to cultivate the customer experience in 360 model to actively interact with your customer and achieve highest possible satisfaction. 
Outsourcing Services Program

Corporate Services Support (CSS): it supplies you with Highly Trained and Skilled Experienced Professionals to assist you in non-core business activities. The service is corporation-to-corporation service level to allow our client to focus on the core product and challenge competition of your domain and we will undertake professional delivery of the contracted non-core activities such as corporate support services, IT, procurement and administration. This program relieves you from constructing large structure for support services OR many scattered sections without efficient delivery. It reduces the headcounts and cost. It provides you with efficient servicing and accountability to results.

Interim Management Program   (IMP): it supplies you with Highly Skilled Executive Managers working to reduce cost and manage the spending on strategic objectives to align with your business activities. Our IMP provides you with world-class delivery and fixed cost for specific output and timeline in your core activity.
HR Development

Talent Acquisition & Management: Our Recruitment Model and method of sourcing and selection criteria in testing and profiling gives a booster to the results expected from our national and international network of outstanding competent talented professionals. We work on the key result areas of your sourced job to identify and locate the most suitable candidates. br>
Objectives and Measurements: Our model in cascading the vision and strategy into Job Definition and objectives results to well-defined Job Description and Key Performance Indicators. You’re provided with across the board performance management system to track your enterprise gradual achievement.

Policies Development and People Relations: We assess and benchmark HR strategies and processes for influential resources management. We recommend innovative solutions for high retention rates in manpower and talent acquisition and reduced Labor-Turnover.

Assessment Center and Training: We establish the skills and competencies demographics detector to elevate the learning curve and shorten the change to success time and change mechanism. We enable your potential team members to concept and picture the current capabilities structure and demographics map and build the competence bank to link individuals to performance objectives.

Reward System Review: We follow very conservative surveys and standards to review and develop reward systems and pay scales to balance employees satisfaction and employer demand levels.
Team & Capacity Building

Our solution is based on the training needs analysis and the employer plans for talent development. It allows employers to monitor activities and manage time for staff to challenge development objectives by different programs.

Executive Management Programs: The rapid adjustment in the global and local trends in short intervals put the executives in acute needs to cope and incorporate updates. Our semi-retreat program passes the sharp insights and notions delivered by highly reputed trainers to intercept through the sessions.

Professionals Accreditations and Certifications: We preparer and train professional for number of professional certifications includes PMI test preparation and accounting & finance accredited certifications.

Finance and Financial Training: Wide range of financial courses is delivered to clients based on demand or training needs analysis.

Managers and Successors: We offer specialized courses in management, designed to acquire diverse managerial skills.

Sales Training: Since sales involves number of dimensions, in process and skills, our customized blended programs offer different trainings programs starting from induction to advanced sales and sales management.

Administrative and Support Training: This is a full module starts from secretarial skills to complex administrative processes at the area of HR, Logistics, Administration and Supply Chain Management.

Infrastructure Design and Architecture: primarily focused on overall (wired/wireless and medium-to-large) system infrastructure, hardware and software requirements according to international standards and tier requirements.

Operations & Services: maintaining running services to the standard required by the customer. Plus added value services like for example, Office Automation Systems, Helpdesk Management Systems (ITIL framework), Document Management and Archiving Systems, Customer Relation Management Systems (CRM), Video Conferencing Systems (VC), and more.

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP): special analysis of the business needs and roadmaps, including planning all sizes of roll-outs.

Security, Availability and Disaster Recovery: Planning and deploying critical and high-tech requirements including related risk analysis and mitigation trends.

Project Management: it’s part of our services to help you master the controls with the help of your in-house efforts. Our Project Managers are experts in knowledge transfer as part of our handover process.

Social Media Consultation: We analyze your business and brand to identify your social media needs and implement tailor-made solutions to achieve your goals in the most effective way possible.

Web Development: alongside your social networks, your website serves as an official communication and source of information and introduction to your business. It’s our job to have it in the most eefective representation of your domain industry and the far appealing of your promises.
E-Government Projects

Diagnosis: We draw the image of the current status and competency structure against objectives and identify gap size and nature.

Strategy Crafting :   We develop the most suitable strategy  and define the Key Result Areas for the strategy to tackle.

Model & Simulation : We create the leverage model and conduct, through examinations to measure viability and survival degree of the model in combination with containment and sponsorship flexible nature.

Strategy In Practice Planning : We establish the essential and basic characters for effective transformation process and then build the fostering model prior to Implementation with all training and communication plans related.

Implementation Model Design and Planning : We plan the gradual implementation into phases associated to quick 360 wins and transformation platform setup. Bridges will develop in relation to that, the audit and quality control management model.

Implementation and Audit: We launch the implementation with an announcement of the infrastructural development and the countdown and sequence of different parts of the project.  The announcement will address the success audit process and Key Performance Areas and Indicators. Audit and Quality Control will conduct the exercise for the whole project including the initial phases and will cascade to the sign-off plan and date.
Business Requirements Analysis

Gathering Requirements: there are some well-recognised techniques for gathering the information needed in a Business Requirements Document. We have our in-house branded models to maintain structured and result driven well defined requirements.
Brainstorming, Storyboarding, Interviews, Prototypes, GAP Analysis : since this exercise includes individuals from different business areas who will only view the project from their own perspective and may not see the big picture, the analysis is intended to understand the different perspectives and document exactly what the project should achieve.

Documenting the Detailed Requirements: all of the requirements must be measurable or quantifiable and it must be possible to test the new product to verify that, it meets the business objectives. Every individual task in the requirements document must contribute, even if indirectly, to the end result.
Agreement and Sign Off: it is an important step that our project manager gets the agreement of the business requirements document signed from the stakeholders. This is their formal commitment that the document accurately and thoroughly describes their business needs.
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