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Team Leaders and Teams Formation

Our team leaders work closely with you to identify requirement and introducing your teams to the most valuable recent best practices and our own success stories tackling areas of improvements and quick wins in the beginning of the survival and growth sustainability roadmap. We form our teams carefully to ease communications to perform the 360 study to understand the four dimensions of your business environment in which you are operating within in order to provide you with precise and multidimensional vision for the solution and the proper tools to enjoy successful and pleasurable redundant navigation in the market and its dynamics. Team leaders are specialized by discipline and they nominate their team members with most background relevancy to the job in-hand and exposure to implementation.
Strategy & Management Consultancy Team Leaders:
Khalid is a Saudi certified and licensed Business Consultant in Management. He has an MBA in Business & Strategy Management and MBA fellowship in Marketing & Business Administration. He is also holding the post of Senior Advisor of Oxford Academy of Management and a member of the Arabian Society of Human Resources Management as well. He has business experience spans over 16 years spent in Saudi Arabia and abroad for his Saudi client businesses. Khalid worked closely with top management members as well as key members of well-known family businesses advising on re-structuring, strategic internal evaluation, re-engineering and business processes. He also played major role in advising about company image and public relation.

Khalid AlHarithi
Dr. Shafie is a senior consultant in HR development. He holds DBA in Strategic Planning & Management from Williamstown University, Delaware and MBA in International Business from the University of Southern Queensland, Toowoomba, Australia. He has vast experience spans around 12 years in the Saudi market as an executive and a consultant. Served industries in Saudi Arabia such as aviation, constructions, manufacturing and retail ad delivered excellent results to his clients. Dr Shafie worked as an advisor for large corporations to develop the grounds of well governed, measured and disciplined performance and accompanied them all long the journey of implementation by his training courses and awareness sessions.

Dr. Shafie M. El-Zubeir
Dr. Najla has circa 12 years international psychometric recruitment assessment experience in niche technical markets with the world’s largest suppliers of technical personnel from its U.S. & European head offices providing permanent contract and fixed project staffing and HR solutions serving clients throughout EMEA region. Dr Najla has been always keen to maintain relationships with talented professionals from around the world. Her clients count on her network as well as her calibre.

Dr. Najla Alajlan
Well-seasoned senior financial consultant graduate of King Faisal University, Business Administration with Accounting major and Finance. Idrees has extensive experience in financial management and practices and with circa 12 years experience in the Saudi market was able to provide sound advices to his clients in the development of policies, systems, processes, budgeting, forecasting, establishing internal controls, treasury, debt management and investor relations. He developed and implemented numerous KPIs & Balanced Scorecards for corporate operations. He has sizeable knowledge and experience in appraisal models with insightful analysis to identify cost reduction & profit improvement opportunities. He has been part of case studies & issues, in Zakat, Risk Management, resolution of procedure conflict, Corporation Clearance and Closing and he is certified Internal ISO 9000 Auditor.

Idrees Zakri
Salah a Saudi Certified Quality Auditor and a senior Technical Writer. He holds Industrial Engineering degree from KFUPM and High Diploma in Safety, Health and Environment. He has excellent ability in Business Process Management & Audit and Manuals Write-ups Criticism and Techniques. Salah gained his experience through his learning journey and 15 years experience in Planning and Business Process development

Salah Mansour
Brand Marketing Team Leader:
As marketing strategist, with the utmost respect for his predecessors, Said is gearing up for the exciting revolution of quality brand ownership in the Arab world that is fit to compete on the world stage. Said started communicating his views in Branding after his graduation from the University of Maine and authored three valuable books in the field of Brand Marketing. Said’s based his consultancy on a result driven course for the most innovative forms of marketing which are still studied as a test model from theory to practice. Many of his clients have enjoyed the long journey with him and as a team we delivered more than the expectations. He was able to ignite successful implementation to the Strategic Brand Marketing views and believes connected the dots that allowed brand building, cash inflows, vertical integration with target audience and increased market share and job creation.

Said Baaghil
Technology Team Leaders:
Samir has 24 years of unique business nature exposure and vast hands-on practical work experience in the ICT sector. His experience spans in the range of information technology and information services management , business architecture modeling, channel planning and integration advisory, e-services paradigm advisory and business modeling using S.O.A / BPM/ CIE/ISP. He served in the Government projects, Banking sector projects and Airlines projects. Samir has deployed solutions using different technologies and was In-charge of e-channel planning and integrations, e-payment gate-way and identity solution consultant.

Samir M. Al-Khatib
Sultan is a Senior Technology Consultant and Senior Project Principal. MIS graduate and hold many specialized certifications in IT project management and various technologies expertise and knowledge. Sultan led many mega projects of Infrastructure and Application Development and Implementation. He has been deeply involved in System Architecture & Design, Procurement and Inspection Assessment Criteria Design, Platform Upgrades, Data Centers Hardware and Mega Data Mining Projects. He has extensive experience and awareness in research and evaluation of Hardware & Software with innovative and revolutionary state-of-the-art ground breaking technologies. Sultan spent around 10 years working on challenging projects and mixing and working with IT talented professionals and achieving customer objective and exceeding expectations.

Sultan Alharthi

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